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Director of Professional Development and School Programs [Connecticut Science Center]

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  1. I was interested in finding out more about the Directors Of education job. I’ve currently been teaching for the NYC DOE for 17 years and have an extensive knowledge of current art education programs. I have written lesson plans for the MET and QMA. I attended summer institutes at the Guggenheim, Was trained on the VIsual Thinking Strategies program administered at MOMA and the Folk Art Musuem, participated in the Morgan Library Book Project dor 2 years, as well as being the Staff Developer for an English Language Learner Art Education Afterschool Program for 5 years.

  2. Hi Amy, thank you for commenting!

    I’m afraid I can’t speak directly to this particular job posting, as the Tufts blog is not connected to the Connecticut Science Center. You certainly sound qualified for the position! I would suggest contacting them directly with questions – their preferred method of contact is listed at the bottom of the original job posting.

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