*Discovery Room*

*Internship Program*

*Fall 2012*

This is a great opportunity for students not in fieldwork this year, and
for students who will be doing their museum internship in the spring.

American Museum of Natural History

The Discovery Room is an immersive, interactive exhibit that offers
families, and especially children ages 5-12, an interactive gateway to the
wonders of the Museum and a hands-on, behind-the scenes look at its
science. Every major field of Museum science and research, from
anthropology to zoology, is represented. Children, accompanied by adults,
explore an array of artifacts and specimens, puzzles, and scientific
challenges. Activities in the room encourage visitors of all ages to think
like a scientist and explore topics of their own interest, all while
exercising observation and process skills.

Discovery Room interns serve as facilitators, providing support and
guidance to visitors as they find their way through the room. Facilitation
requires the willingness to experiment with personal engagement styles and
the challenge of incorporating inquiry methods and object-based teaching
strategies into a fast paced, immersive environment. Interns are expected
to gain proficiency in a minimum of two science content areas such as
paleontology, anthropology, biodiversity, microscopy, invertebrate zoology,
seismology, astronomy or any other area represented in the room.

Interns work closely with Discovery Room staff to explore strategies for
interpreting these science concepts and develop new worksheets, exhibition
elements, or facilitator training materials to incorporate those strategies
across the program. Interns may also take on exhibit maintenance, label
design and preparation, collections housing, and live animal care tasks as

Candidates must have experience working with young children in an informal
setting and be able to maintain a professional demeanor at all times while
serving diverse audiences. They must possess a strong curiosity for the
natural world and an enthusiasm for sharing that curiosity with visitors of
all ages. Research, writing, graphic design and layout skills are a plus.
Candidates must be willing to commit to a minimum of 100 hours during the
semester including some weekend days.

To apply, send a resume and letter of interest to:

Sarah Moshenberg

Discovery Room Assistant Coordinator