Cultural Resource Preservationist [Missouri State Historic Preservation Office]

Founded in 1968, Missouri’s state historic preservation office was one of the nation’s first. It did not replace the citizens’ role in preserving properties, but helped facilitate the process of identifying properties significant to the citizens, state and nation, and planning for their preservation. In Spring 1970, the private citizens who made up the state’s review board approved Missouri’s first statewide preservation plan. Again, it was one of the first such plans to be approved by the National Park Service. In 2011, following a series of meetings across the state, input from citizens appointed to the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, and approval by the National Park Service, the newest version of Missouri’s Preservation Horizons was drafted.

Cultural Resource Preservationist
Professional Opportunity
Jefferson City, MO

The Missouri State Historic Preservation Office is beginning the process of filling current and potential vacancies within our office.  The majority of staff positions in our office are classified as Cultural Resource Preservationists (CRP I/II).  These positions are governed by the provisions of the Missouri Merit system and candidates who are interested in being considered for these positions must be placed on the register for Cultural Resource Preservationistsmaintained by the Office of Administration.  When a vacancy in the SHPO occurs, candidates on the register are notified of the vacancy and are given the opportunity to apply for those vacancies.  Only candidates on the register can be considered for positions with the program.  The Office of Administration will be opening the register for the Cultural Resource Preservationists beginning February 15 to March 1, 2013.  In general, CRP positions with SHPO can include historians, architectural historians, planners, and archaeologists and these positions involve work in our National Register, Survey and Inventory, Compliance and Local Government programs.





Information on applying to be added to the register can be found that the following link: Information on the 2 CRP job classifications can be found at the following links: For additional information, please contact: Mark Miles, Program Director, Missouri State Historic Preservation Office. Phone: (573) 751-7858 or on-line at

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