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Title:                          Executive Director

*Reports to:             *The Board of Trustees

*Location:                          *Administration

General Description: Subject to the direction of the Board of Trustees, the
Executive Director oversees the Connecticut Historical Society¹s (CHS)
planning and programs in fulfillment of the mission and in accordance with
professional, scholarly and ethical standards. The Executive Director is
responsible for overseeing CHS¹s staff and operations to ensure that CHS
functions as a visitor-centered, public service-oriented, high-profile
organization that maximizes the potential of its human and financial
resources. S/he is responsible for keeping the organization¹s operations,
finances, policies, program, and reputation up-to-date and relevant to
contemporary audiences, ensuring the overall well-being of CHS on a
day-to-day basis.

* *

*Duties and Responsibilities*:

- Setting overall strategic goals and objectives in conjunction with the
Board of Trustees and management staff
- Serving as the CHS¹s key spokesperson and representing the CHS to
funders, community groups, and professional organizations
- Establishing a clear identity for CHS in Greater Hartford and in
Connecticut at large
- Developing and implementing strategies to assess the needs of, and
serve, audiences and the surrounding community, including families and
youth, as well as more traditional history audiences of 50+ years
- Driving efforts to increase membership, fundraise and administer
individual, foundation, corporate, and government sources of support for
CHS operations, special projects, revenue enhancement, and capital
- Overseeing CHS finances and working with staff and the Finance
Committee to select appropriate investment advisors and other consultants
- Managing human resources to meet institutional goals and objectives,
including recruiting, hiring, developing and terminating staff as
- Developing and implementing key short and long-term planning documents
and policies
- Keeping the Board of Trustees up-to-date on CHS plans and activities
in regular meetings and communications
- Attending all Board, Executive Committee, Audit, Finance, Governance
and other committee and Task Force meetings

*Qualifications: *The incumbent should be profoundly committed to and
communicate effectively the role of history museums and libraries in
contemporary society. S/he should understand how social media and the
Internet are transforming cultural institutions and their relationship with
their audiences.  S/he should combine vision with practical financial
stewardship, have proven ability to experiment with different, creative and
cost-effective ways to serve the public, and be committed to obtaining the
resources necessary to move the institution in directions that satisfy
current and future donors and customers. S/he should be talented at leading
both the Board of Trustees and staff in new challenges and endeavors.

Specific qualifications for the position include:

- A strong commitment to furthering CHS as an institution of importance
in Greater Hartford and the State of Connecticut
- Excellent interpersonal skills, particularly the ability to speak
publicly and interact in person with individual members, visitors of all
ages and backgrounds, and donors
- A track record of raising money from a wide variety of sources
- Proven management skills supervising and directing a diverse
professional staff
- An advanced degree in a field related to history, museums, or library
- Proven interest and experience in developing and marketing
audience-driven public programs that attract significant new and diverse
- Proven interest in, knowledge of, and experience with material culture
collections and library and museum collection development
- Five (5) or more years experience at a senior management level in a
comparable institution

*Classification*:  Exempt **

* *

*Date:  *January 2013