The Director of the Bureau of Historic Sites and Museums is a Senior Management Service executive level position responsible for the direction and administration of financial, personnel, and public programs of historic sites and museum of the PA Historical and Museum Commission’s Trail of History and for providing Architectural Services to the sites and museums and to all other bureau’s in the agency.

The position reports to the Executive Director who reviews work and provides evaluations. Specific responsibilities encompass functions and activities which are regulatory, departmental, and/or advisory in nature.

Directs and coordinates the establishment, clarification, and interpretation of history; importance of the historic sites and museums of the PHMC for the Commonwealth, Commission, special interest groups, historical societies, and the public.

Directs and reviews the development and modification of research materials, publications, exhibits, and other interpretive media to present a historically correct view of the site or museum.

Plans, directs, and coordinates a statewide program to improve public participation, support, and appreciation of the sites and museums of the PHMC and their historic significance.

Directs public program development including capital projects and the activities of associated support organizations at individual facilities.

Develops and implements overall policies and standards that direct the planning, budgeting, administration, and day-to-day operation of the bureau, its field sites/museums collections, and architectural services in accordance with PHMC and Commonwealth procedures and guidelines. This direction is given through supervision of division chiefs, who report to the bureau director and ensure that the facilities are properly interpreted, secured, maintained, operated, and are accessible to the public.

Develops annual budget for the bureau, allotting appropriate funds to each site, museum, and division in the bureau. Approves and monitors expenditures and funding commitments ensuring the budget is within the prescribed commitment. Directs public program development, including capital projects and the activities of associated support organizations.

Coordinates the relationship between the field sites, PHMC central office, and the local Associate Groups established to support the programs of the various sites and the bureau.

Works cooperatively with the Executive Director and other Bureau Directors as part of the agency senior management team to establish and implement Commonwealth and PHMC policies and procedures for the operation of the agency to include liaison with the PHMC Commissioners, strategic planning, budgeting, capitol project planning, and liaison with other units of state government.

This position has overall responsibility for all architecture and preservation projects for all bureaus of the PHMC through the Division of Architecture and Preservation, including new buildings such as visitor centers at sites and renovations of existing buildings, both historic and current. This includes managing various funding sources to accomplish the work.

Essential Functions:
* Perform a range of supervisory duties
* Direct historic site and museum programs
* Prepare and implement development plans
* Develop and monitor program budget
* Develop policies and standards
* Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
* Develop and maintain work relationships
* Plan and prioritize work projects

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