Hawaii State Archives anticipates the need for professional services primarily in the occupational series
contained in the U.S Personnel Management’s (OPM) Qualifications Handbook for Professional and
Scientific Positions under GS-1420 Archivist. This series covers positions that manage the collection,
appraisal, analysis, or synthesis of records having historical or archival values.
The Hawaii State Archives, Department of Accounting and General Services is seeking a qualified archivist
to provide professional services to serve as project consultant and provide oversight on the digital
archives project that ensures the system is designed, built and implemented in accordance with
international standards and current best practices for long term, trustworthy preservation of digital
records while also serving as the subject matter expert on issues relating to digital preservation systems.
The consultant will also interface with the Archives staff, agency project partners, State IT staff and the
public to ensure that the functional requirements andsatisfaction criteria are documented and achieved.
Digital archives protect machine readable records of enduring legal, historical or fiscal value from loss,
alteration, deterioration and technological obsolescence in an environment independent from that
which produced the record
Hawaii State Archives is seeking a qualified archivist to submit statements of qualification to provide
digital archives project management expertise for a twenty-two (22) month contract beginning October
1, 2013.
Interested candidates must be in good standing to provide mentioned services inthe State of Hawaii.
Responders to this solicitation must have Archives and Information Technology training and experience
1. Building trusted digital archives/digital repository.
2. Managing digital archives.
3. Managing projects in a state government environment.
4. Design and implementation of a disaster recovery plan for digital archives.
5. Managing information technology projects and leading a software development team and
archivists/records managers.
6. Redesigning business process and managing organizational change.
7. Establishing policies and guidelines for submission of electronic records to digital archives
and best practices guides in managing electronic records.
8. Establishing best practices guides in managing electronic records.
9. Training archives staff and records creators and managers, and information technology staff
regarding electronic records management.
The deadline for qualified professionals to submit Statements of Interest as described under SUBMITTAL
REQUIREMENTS is: 2:00 P.M., Hawaii Standard Time, Monday, July 22, 2013.

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