Scenic Views: A Picture Postcard History of Somerville¬†will open in Spring 2014 in the historic Somerville Museum. Curated by David Guss, Tufts Professor of Anthropology, the exhibit will look at the history of the City of Somerville as captured through postcards. Using the Museum’s modular panel system, the exhibit will be permanent although capable of being stored in order to allow for future exhibits as well. The show will make use of several extensive postcard collections, arranged in various themes including the history of the postcard, lost buildings, monuments, historic events, streetscapes, messages, and contemporary postcard creations. The intern working on this project will assist in a range of activities leading to the opening of the exhibition, among them being research, the preparation of graphic materials and wall text, and event and publicity design. For more information about this opportunity, contact¬†David,