JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  Will work on the IMLS-funded project to catalogue the collection of historic craft tools. This position is part of a larger, multi-year project with the goal of bringing the collection records up to a high standard in preparation for making them accessible on-line. This project encompasses colonial and pre-industrial era hand tools with concentrations of professional implements for woodworking, metalsmithing, clockmaking, and textile working. The Cataloguing Assistant creates and enters into the KE EMu database comprehensive data for various types of tools which includes: physically identifying, describing and measuring objects using materials and techniques, researching and recording dates, origin and manufacturing information, condition, and provenance, as well as digital photographing. S/he resolves discrepancies and coordinates editorial reviews by curatorial staff and consultants. S/he downloads or inputs published data and bibliographic information in DAPC and Winterthur library to create new links. S/he also pursues research questions related to objects, cleans up data discrepancies, and supports registrars� efforts to integrate findings into paper records.
JOB REQUIREMENTS:  Minimum education: BA in art history, history, anthropology or related discipline. Minimum knowledge/skills: Strong computer skills, especially in word processing and collection database work. Strong attention to detail. Ability to analyze and resolve problems. Good oral and written communication skills. Willingness to follow instructions carefully and communicate regarding the same. Flexibility to handle multiple requests simultaneously. Neat handwriting. Ability to lift and reach objects overhead, maneuver in small and tight spaces lift up to 50 lbs. to move objects within a museum space, climb and balance on ladders to reach objects and supplies, and crouching to read accession numbers on objects. After training, must be able to pass care and handling of objects test. Sufficient stamina to work at computer for extended periods, with appropriate breaks. Basic digital photography and PhotoShop skills. Basic knowledge of the standard vocabulary and terminology relating to American and European 17th- through 19th-century decorative arts and awareness of the craft professions and tools used to make them. Ability to research efficiently on decorative arts topics. Knowledge of professional museum standards and experience in museum procedures, including methods of documenting and handling art and artifacts. Minimum experience: One year of experience working with museum collections.
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JOB TITLE:  Art Handling Specialist, 5 month temp Nov-March

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  Is responsible for the movement, installation, packing, transportation, and general care of museum objects for loan, exhibition, or museum programs such as workshops, special tours, conservation, block maintenance, photography or classes. This position ensures objects are handled with care and are moved to specified locations to meet predetermined deadlines. As a key member of the Emergency Response Team, this position is required to attend all team exercises.
JOB REQUIREMENTS:  Minimum education: Bachelor?s in Studio Art, Art History or related subject or high school diploma with equivalent years of practical training and experience in packing and exhibition installation and some coursework or workshops in museum studies, fine art, art history, or decorative arts. Minimum knowledge/skills: Ability to work as part of a team. Good oral communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to follow directions precisely and completely. Neat handwriting. Manual dexterity. Professional demeanor. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail. Basic computer skills. Valid driver?s license. Successful completion of a defensive driving course. Sufficient stamina to work standing or moving for 4 hours at a stretch. Ability to lift and coordinate object?s movement with others. Ability to meet deadlines. Knowledge of building and packing materials including wood, metal, plastics, fabrics and fittings. Ability to read maps and directions. Knowledge of and ability to use hand tools. The ability to lift up to 50 lbs. repeatedly through the day. Minimum experience: 1 years of experience with a BA or a minimum of 5 years with a HS diploma. Experience should be in handling, packing and transporting antique furniture, art object, antiques or collections.
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JOB TITLE:  Part-time Public Safety Officer

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  Provides for the safety and security of Winterthur staff, visitors, guests, collections and assets. By design, the Public Safety Officer I is easily recognizable and approachable, therefore, he/she must approach every person and situation with a calm and professional demeanor. He/she is often the first contact visitors have with Winterthur and the one first approached in an emergency or other assistance seeking situation. This is an entry level position into public safety occupied by full time and part time personnel.
JOB REQUIREMENTS:  Minimum education: high school diploma or its equivalence. If there is prior military service, an honorable discharge is required. Minimum knowledge/skills: A valid driver?s license is required with no convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs within three years of application. A certified copy of the applicant?s driving record will be provided by the applicant upon request. The applicant can not have a criminal conviction record for theft or sex related offenses. The applicant must be in adequate physical condition to climb stairs (nine stories), walk/stand for extended periods of time (eight hours) and work outdoors during all types of weather and physically move persons in need of assistance. The ability to perform these tasks will be determined by a physical fitness evaluation administered after a conditional offer of employment has been made. Applicants need to be able to operate a full size pick up truck during all day and night time hours and weather and road conditions. Proficient oral communication and strong written communication skills. Minimum experience: proven work history with supporting references.