This is a Full Time Career Seasonal position that is Subject to Furlough annually and does not provide employment on a year-round basis. Seasonal employment is defined in 5 CFR 340.401 as annually recurring periods of work expected to last less than twelve (12) months during a calendar year. Career Seasonal employees are permanent and placed in a non-pay/non-duty status during the furlough period. Although the actual work schedule and period of furlough is contingent upon funding and operational needs, you will be required to work or be in a pay status for a minimum of 26 weeks (13 pay periods) and generally not more than a maximum of 50 weeks (25 pay periods) in a service year. Permanent Career Seasonal employees are generally eligible for retirement coverage (5 CFR 831), are eligible for health and Life Insurance (5 CFR 870and 890), and earn leave while in a pay status (5 CFR 630)

The incumbent serves as Historian at African Burial Ground National Monument, which is located in lower Manhattan, NY.  Serves as advisor to Chief of Cultural Resources on Manhattan Sites cultural resources, particularly history.  Identifies, evaluates, and monitors cultural resources.  Determines research needs and coordinates efforts toward obtaining needed research through various programs, grants, or contracts.  African Burial Ground is one of the sites of Manhattan Sites NHS, and is within the National Parks of New York Harbor (NPNH), which includes 10 national park system sites with 22 unique destinations in and around four of the five boroughs of New York City and northern New Jersey. Additional information on African Burial Ground can be found at the following website: Manhattan Sites NHS webpage

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