The incumbent of this position serves as a Museum Specialist (Registrar) with responsibility for assisting the Chief, Collections Management in performing a broad variety of tasks and activities associated with the Museum’s exhibitions and holdings of audio and video testimonies, moving images, sound recordings, 3-dimensional artifacts, manuscripts, microforms and photographic collections; registration; incoming loans; outgoing loans; insurance coverage; exhibition coordination; object tracking; transportation; records maintenance; policy; collections maintenance; object photography; collections access; deaccessioning; and vendor relations.

Conducts into the most current registration practices due to the variety of the Museum’s collections; and carries out all of the procedural steps relating to the accessioning of museum collections into the physical and legal custody of USHMM.

Negotiates loans with other institutions and private individuals, prepares official loan documents and maintains appropriate contact with outside curatorial, registrars, conservation staff, and art handlers; and ensures all aspects of the loan agreement are fulfilled.

Processes loan requests from the Museum’s holdings, and institutes the outgoing loan request procedure to secure the necessary approvals; and negotiates loans with other institutions, handlers. Ensures all aspects of the Museum’s loan requirements are fulfilled.

Photographs objects and exhibition displays for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to recording the condition of objects, for records management purposes; object identification; and attachment to the electronic database used by outside professionals, researchers and general reference.

Approves exhibit design plans and standard facility reports, and formulates and implements installation and de-installation of objects, and supervises safe handling and movement of objects.

Creates and implements a regular schedule of inventories of the Museum’s holdings, and oversees the physical tracking through both electronic and manual systems of all collection objects.

Coordinates and manages domestic and international transportation arrangements, to include customs clearances and risk coverage, for the movement of all collections.

Creates and implements documents to enforce standard ethical legal museum procedures and practices. Establishes and enforces policy relating to the access, handling, and storage of the Museum’s permanent and borrowed collections.

Works with conservation staff to ensure that objects are in optimum condition and needed conservation treatment is obtained and properly housed; and maintains the collection storage areas at the Museum and the offsite storage facility to ensure proper environmental and safety conditions

Assists with the de-accessioning process by providing information to the Museum Director and the Collections Committee regarding the objects for potential de-accession, and assist with the disposal of de-accessioned objects.


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