Posted June 9, 2014.

The National Museum of Health and Medicine (NMHM) inspires interest in and promotes understanding of medicine with a special emphasis on American military medicine. A COLLECTIONS TECHNICIAN, who will support the general collection of the museum, is sought for this National Historic Landmark. The Collections staff of the NMHM preserves materials representing key subject areas in the history and practice of American medicine, military medicine, and modern medical and health issues and research; and any other area of the museum’s mission. Overall, the responsibilities of the staff are to (1) provide the highest level of professional care to the NMHM collections and their associated documentation; (2) collect objects, specimens, and related archival materials deemed significant and relevant to the mission of the NMHM and according to NMHM policies and procedures for review; (3) support research, exhibits, and public programs through access to collections per NMHM policy and procedure; (4) coordination with the Registrar on all registrarial needs; and (5) represent and support NMHM interests in venues where collections are key to advancing the mission.

Job Requirements


  • Possess, at a minimum, a Master’s degree in museum studies, history, biology, anthropology, or related field.
  • Three (3) years relevant museum or collections management experience, professional knowledge of standard museum practices.
  • Demonstrate responsibility for historically, scientifically, and monetarily valuable collections.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills, demonstrated knowledge and use of KE Emu or other database and electronic publications software including computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications.
  • Requires ability to generate credible finding aids and work in support of the Registrar and general collections management.
  • Must be able to meet OSHA requirements for BS-Level II laboratory.



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