Posted June 21, 2014

Under the general direction of the Director/CEO and the Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs, the Chief Curator has responsibility for oversight of the curatorial practices of the museum across disciplines. Provides administrative leadership in the development and implementation of visitor-centered curatorial content, ensuring that the Museum’s interdisciplinary collections, exhibitions, and public programs balance the highest quality of scholarship and innovation, while providing an outstanding visitor experience and meeting the interests of a diverse audience. The Chief Curator facilitates a dynamic exchange among curators, visitor advocates, and other staff for program development in multiple platforms including exhibitions, collection presentations, and on-line activities, working with multiple departments to ensure achievement of the Museum’s mission and financial sustainability goals. This incumbent oversees the planning and execution of exhibition projects in collaboration with the Deputy Museum Director, the Director of Exhibits and the Director of Collections including in-house and temporary exhibitions.
Job Requirements


Executive-level knowledge of:

• Principles and practices of museum administration, including budgetary procedures and financial oversight;

• Management principles and methods, including goal setting, program development and implementation, and employee supervision, particularly within a team-based, collaborative setting;

• Planning, development, and implementation practices for museum content-delivery platforms, including exhibitions, collection presentations, public programs, media initiatives, and publications;

• Exhibition and program planning; interpretive approaches; and visitor evaluation practices;

• Principles and practices of museum collection development, care, access and management;

• Fundraising techniques, grant application procedures, and funding sources;

• Knowledge of computer systems and applications;

• English, fluent in both spoken and written form; and,

Ability to:

• Communicate effectively orally and in writing appropriate for a range of uses, audiences, and diverse content platforms;

• Organize and manage diverse, complex projects;

• Analyze, synthesize, and interpret effectively multidisciplinary materials and new research integrating multiple perspectives, visitor viewpoints, and timely and relevant content related to Alaska and the North;

• Facilitate and motivate others in experimenting with new practices and ways of working to support a culture of innovation and collaboration;

• Consider and balance a range of competing needs and objectives to develop strategies and solutions that ensure overall institutional success;

• Serve as an institutional spokesperson with a wide range of constituencies, including media;

• Bridge curatorial content and interpretive approaches with other museum functions including marketing, fundraising, and collection management;

• Operate a motor vehicle in the performance of assigned duties.


A combination of experience and education that demonstrates possession of the necessary knowledge and abilities for this position is required as noted:

• Three years of responsible museum administration at a supervisor level, including management of staff, budgetary oversight, and collaboration with departments or project teams;

• Three years experience in developing exhibitions, publications, programs, and other content platforms supported by research and collections;

• Masters degree in field of art, history, science, culture or equivalent required. Knowledge of, education in, and experience with non-profit administration or relevant field preferred.

• Demonstrated expertise in a content area related to Northern or Alaskan art, history, or science.

• Demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development in the museum field.
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