Posted June 26, 2014

Denison University seeks an experienced museum professional to coordinate and supervise a 2-year IMLS Museums for America-funded grant project to inventory, rehouse, and catalog permanent collections.

Work with Museum Director and Evaluation Consultant to monitor the project timeline and associated work activities
oordinate with Museum Director and Lead Data Specialist to review and reconcile existing legacy data and migrate legacy data in analog and digital form to a new collections management system (Gallery Systems EmbARK Collections Manager)
Train and supervise 3-4 student employees in inventory and rehousing protocols

Job Requirements

Collections Manager Duties

Monitor, implement and revise as needed work activities associated with grant-funded inventory and data capture. Devise and supervise improvements to object housing and organization of storage areas. Recruit, train and supervise student employees and interns to assist with inventory, photography, and rehousing. Prepare objects for exhibition and loans. Assist with installation of exhibitions. Maintain and oversee a program of preventive conservation including emergency preparedness, integrated pest management; environmental controls and data capture; security and fire suppression systems.

Registrar Duties

Create, organize and maintain documentation systems and protocols including procedure manuals, forms, legal documents, files, and retrieval systems associated with all aspects of object record keeping. Coordinate all aspects of borrowing and lending objects, including handling and/or packing objects, insurance coverage and claims, shipping arrangements, security arrangements, customs procedures, and incoming and outgoing loan records. Service requests for photography, image reproductions and permissions. Update object records with art historical and provenance information as authorized by Museum Director and visiting scholars.

Other Duties

Participate in collections strategic planning with the Museum Director, the Museum Advisory Board, and the University’s administration. Work with Museum Director and Museum’s Communication and Outreach Coordinator to facilitate access to collections for faculty/class visits and visiting scholars. Establish student work schedules, assign project tasks, process bi-weekly wage authorizations, semi-annual performance evaluations, and letters of recommendation. Coordinate with the Lead Data Specialist on the recruitment, training, and supervision of studentinterns who will assist with auditing, photographing, and rehousing objects in the Museum’s collection. Prepare objects for exhibition and outgoing loans. Perform other duties as assigned.