Applications due July 31, 2014.

Responsible for defining and documenting standards for management and usage of collection-related data throughout the George Eastman House (the “Museum”) on a variety of digital platforms, including the collection information system (Gallery System’s The Museum System—TMS), FileMakerPro databases, network fileshare and storage devices, and web images/assets. Responsible for working with the Museum Director, IT Department, Registrar’s Department, and curatorial departments to ensure that standards are adhered to, workflow and setup of systems are efficient, and policies and procedures are followed consistently. Serves as the project co-manager for the TMS upgrade (TMS9.35SP4 to TMS2014) at the Museum, focusing on the functional and operational areas of the upgrade (working with the Director of IT, who will serve as the other project co-manager, focusing on the technical areas of the upgrade). Also functions as a bridge between museum departments and oversees in-house and public-access projects that utilize TMS, which functions as the centralized database of collection, exhibition, loan, and shipping information.

Major Duties:

Collections Information System (Gallery Systems’ The Museum System (TMS)):
System and Data Management

Serves as the empowered and authoritative functional and operational expert in the TMS system at the Museum, the head Power-User of TMS at the Museum, and the arbiter with respect to set up, changes, and all existing, new, or changed functionality in TMS:
In consultation with curators, Collection Manager, and the IT department, develops data and media standards, processing procedures, and terminology authorities in TMS in accordance with TMS vendor (Gallery Systems) and, when possible, national and international standards.
Monitors data and media standards, processing procedures, and terminology authorities within TMS on a periodic basis and keeps abreast of Museum, national and international standards.
Edits terminology and data on a periodic basis so that terminology and data is accurate, consistent, and according to Museum standards.
Serves as the project co-manager (in the functional/operational leadership role) for all TMS projects; with an IT department member serving as the other project co?manager (in the technical leadership role), including the pending upgrade from TMS9.35SP4 to TMS2014.
Assists IT department with database system administration and ensuring the integrity of the data and data tables and user security profiles. Ensures proper database system administration procedures are followed.
Acts as liaison amongst IT department, other Museum staff and Gallery Systems, conveying questions and answers, and reporting system errors and requests for support and development. Ensures that the Museum’s TMS concerns are documented, kept up to date, prioritized by importance, and communicated to staff and vendor in a timely manner.
Represents the Museum, with the IT department, at the TMS annual conference and related meetings on a regular basis.
Leads the Museum’s strategic initiative to make its collections available to the general public via the Internet.
Manages all TMS training, guidance, support and system-use-supervision; serves as the head Power User at the Museum:
Documents proper procedures and standards for data entry, data retrieval and reporting. Develops, maintains, and updates User’s Manual and training handouts. TMS user instructions are accurate, clear, and as comprehensive as time will allow.
Trains staff on TMS or coordinates vendor-training sessions. Monitors all Museum staff training progress, ensuring that trainees adhere to proper procedures and standards as outlined in TMS User’s Manual.
Answers operational questions and resolves problems concerning data entry, retrieval, reporting, and attaching images in accordance with TMS standards and procedures.
Serves as the Crystal Report expert for TMS report designing, organizing, and writing
Defines naming convention and review standards for Crystal Reports on the network and within TMS; ensures that standards are understood and followed consistently and that reports are designed effectively.
Proactively makes suggestions to Museum staff for using Crystal Reports to facilitate their tasks.
Shares reports with other TMS users, assists other Museum staff in writing reports and pursues additional training opportunities in order to improve individual performance.
Other Digital Assets and Information Management

Serves as the empowered and authoritative expert for all collection-related data at the Museum, including defining and enforcing standards for digital assets, metadata, and related digital information.
Catalogs and documents all existing collection-related data, including digital images, on the network fileshare. Defines a Museum strategy and related procedures for organizing these data on the network (naming convention, folder structure, search/metadata standards, input into systems such as TMS, image size(s), etc.).
Catalogs and documents all existing digital files that relate to the Museum’s collections on the network fileshare. Defines a Museum strategy and related procedures for organizing these on the network (naming convention, folder structure, search/meta-data standards, input into systems such as TMS).
Catalogs and documents all existing databases that house Museum collection data (e.g., FileMakerPro databases), including digital images. Defines a Museum strategy and related procedures for simplifying or consolidating these and for incorporation into systems such as TMS.

At the onset of the job, this position has no direct reports. There is a possibility that this position may assume management over others in the institution if/as the need arises.

Job Requirements

Bachelors’ degree (or equivalent) required; advanced degree preferred
Must have project management experience including experience leading large and complex groups of people to deliver project goals on time and in budget. Project Management training/certification preferred (Project Management Institute, Six Sigma, etc)
Must be able to communicate clearly, efficiently and effectively in spoken and written word. Must be able to write user and technical documentation for information systems and applications.
Should have at least 3 years working in a management or higher role at a museum; prefer this to be at an art museum OR Must have at least 3 years working as a consultant for museums; prefer this to be primarily with art museums and TMS, CRW or similar systems consulting
Must have both direct experience and real expertise working with TMS software, with TMS certification preferred.
Must have Crystal Report experience and expertise; prefer CRW certification and experience developing reports using TMS data.
Prefer experience in digital asset management systems (DAMS).
Prefer a person who has an interest in the fields photography and film.
To be considered for this position, please email a cover letter and current curriculum vitae to the attention of the Director of Operations and Finance, via email at