Posted August 11, 2014

The Departmental Technician will support various functions within the Office of the Registrar. The position will work closely with all department registrars, managers, and maintainers as well as various contacts within curatorial departments. Overall responsibilities will include accession number labeling, crate staging and escorting.

The current salary is $31,923 per annum.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:
• Candidate will work with the Registrar Assistant in charge of assigning accession numbers, and curatorial department Collections Managers, to ensure that all new objects are labeled upon acquisition by the Museum.
• Candidate will keep an accession number spreadsheet and on-line calendar that will require the individual to contact each department directly and schedule appointments with each department for the addition or removal of accession numbers.
• Individual will be familiar with the various needs and requirements for labeling for each new object or new material by direct contact with conservation. The individual will keep a data base and records of the material requirements and conservation suggestions to be added to a labeling guidelines handbook.
• Individual will be responsible for this handbook and complying with conservation needs as directed.
• Individual will physically label accession numbers on all objects as required using industry standard and agreed upon techniques. These techniques may include computer labeling with the individual required to print, cleanly cut and adhere an appropriately sized label to an artwork using archival materials. This may also require the individual to hand number the accession numbers on an artwork using either archival pens or paints and brushes.
• The individual will keep clear records of which departments requested exactly which accession numbers and on what date and there will be a cross reference to exactly what accession number was added in response and on what date.
• The individual will be responsible for digital documentation of incoming objects. A digital image record must be kept of each object showing the newly applied accession number and burned to a disk that is dated and kept on file.
• Candidate will supervise vendors directly for removal and return of exhibition crates and is responsible for staging of empty crates in their proper staged locations. This will require maintaining a calendar for exhibitions and direct contact with the exhibitions registrars and Storeroom One Manager.
• Candidate will escort museum Riggers for removal and return of full exhibition crates to and from Storeroom One and the exhibition galleries. This will require maintaining a calendar for exhibitions and direct contact with the exhibitions registrars and Storeroom One Manager.
• Candidate must complete Security Threat Assessment application.
• Other related duties

Requirements and Qualifications:
Experience and Skills:
• Candidate must be proficient with basic computer programs such as Word and Excel and familiar with museum or gallery data-base programs such as Gallery Pro or TMS.
• Individual must be aware of and compliant with the latest techniques and conservation standards for labeling accession numbers on artworks.
• Individual must demonstrate proficiency for hand lettering and clear hand writing.
• Minimum 2 years’ experience in art handling and collection care required.

Knowledge and Education:

• Knowledge of basic Accession numbering systems
• Bachelors degree is preferred with a minimum of an Associates degree required

Application Instructions
Please send cover letter, resume, and salary history to with the position title in the subject line.