There are a couple of ways you can receive posts from this blog on a regular basis, delivered right to your inbox.

1. Feed My Inbox – This is a free, easy service that delivers a daily digest of new posts to your inbox. Just type in your email address, and the address of the RSS feed for this blog:

You can add up to five blogs to your daily digest for free; after that you do have to start paying.

2. Google Reader – If you use Gmail, you’ve already got a built-in RSS reader. Look up at the top navigation bar of your Gmail homepage – there’s a link there to “Reader.” You can add the RSS feed for the Tufts Museum Studies blog to that RSS reader. An even easier way to do this is to go to the RSS feed’s main page, and look at the top. Under “Subscribe to this feed using” select “Google” from the drop-down bar. The catch: you will have to check this on a regular basis. You can collect an infinite number of RSS feeds there, however, so if you subscribe to ten blogs and then check your Google Reader daily, this can be a big time saver.

3. Firefox – Go to the Museum Studies blog’s RSS page. See at the top, where you can subscribe to this feed? Using “Live Bookmarks” will put a folder on your bookmarks bar, and then clicking on that folder will give you a drop-down list of all recent posts. You can click on this to check daily.

4. Microsoft Outlook – There are several ways to add an RSS feed through MS Outlook. Check out Microsoft’s instructions.

5. Apple Users – You, too, can subscribe to RSS feeds using both Safari and Mail 3.0.

Questions? Comments? New and better ways to subscribe to an RSS feed? Let us know in the comments!