Do you want to go to the American Association of Museums Annual Meeting this spring?

Do you find yourself in the quandary of graduate students everywhere – the spirit is willing, but the checking account is weak?

Nina Simon at Museum 2.0 posted today about scholarship opportunities available from NAME, the National Association for Museum Exhibition.

Since I posted my “how I got here” post earlier this week, I’ve received lots of emails and comments from museum professionals, old and (mostly) young, about their own paths and struggles to get into the museum field.

As a followup, I want to note that there are at least four ways to attend the American Association of Museums annual meeting in Houston May 22-25, 2011 for free. AAM is the granddaddy of American museum conferences, bringing together several thousand practitioners to share, learn, argue, and socialize. While at first I found it a bit overwhelming and corporate, it has become my favorite museum conference both for the breadth of content and the volume of leaders present from whom I love to learn.
So go check it out, and good luck. If you’re a Tufts student and you win one of these scholarships – let us know so we can brag about it.