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So sorry for the Hurricane Irene-related snafus over the weekend. The Museums in the News and Jobs Listing posts are now fully updated, so go check them out!

Museums in the News

Welcome to our weekly roundup of museum news articles!

Improv Everywhere teams with Guggenheim Museum to encourage New Yorkers to “Say Something Nice”

A Pharaoh Lords Over a Museum

Vt. museum to search for War of 1812 shipyard

BRIMS set to close doors permanently

“A Song for the Horse Nation” Gallops into Washington

Bulgaria Opening Museum Of Socialist Art

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ exhibit whips up Hollywood and history

Financially struggling Garbage Museum closes its door

Microsoft Co-Founder’s Museum Forages Far and Wide for Digital Behemoths of Yore

Popular Edward Hopper show at Bowdoin museum makes good peg for Maine September getaway

Rhino Horns Put Europe’s Museums on Thieves’ Must-Visit List

Medical museum prepares move from Walter Reed campus

Weekly Jobs Listing

Welcome to our weekly listing of new jobs posted. As always, jobs go up immediately on their own page, so check there first.

Hurricane Irene Prep

We interrupt our regularly scheduled posting to bring you a roundup of emergency preparedness links, in anticipation of Hurricane Irene this weekend. Even if she fizzles out (which certain of us would really appreciate, ok, Irene?), it’s good to be prepared, and to learn about helping your museum be prepared.

The NEDCC, always prepared, sent out this list of tips earlier this week:

– review your disaster plan
– double-check your insurance policy
– check your gutters and downspouts
– move priority collections out of basements and off floors
– inventory disaster recovery supplies
– hold a planning meeting with staff today!
Preparing Your Institution for Hurricanes ( Heritage Preservation)
Emergency Preparedness ( Library of Congress)
Track the Storm (NOAA)

Rhode Island
New York
New Jersey

We’ve covered this topic before on the TMSB, too. Here are a few useful posts with tips, learning resources, and other good information:

NEDCC Risk Assessment Seminar

Free Disaster Management Training from FEMA

NEDCC Care of Paintings Workshop

With a hat tip to Tufts Instructor Margherita Desy for pointing this out to us, the hopeful conservators and curators among you should go check out this workshop!

Care of Paintings Workshop
October 5, 2011
Workshop Location: Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA

NEDCC’s Care of Paintings workshop is part of a collaborative program with the Balboa Art Conservation Center and was developed in partnership with the New England Museum Association.

This workshop will cover the issues to consider when developing a collections care policy for traditional paintings on canvas or board. The workshop will be helpful whether you are establishing new procedures or making improvements to existing collections care policies.

Topics will include environmental issues, such as temperature, relative humidity, and pollutants; storage and display options; “best practices” for handling and transporting paintings; and housekeeping procedures. Participants will also learn practical remedial care methods and will be provided with guidelines for working with a conservator.

The workshop will be led by a professional paintings conservator from the Balboa Art Conservation Center in San Diego, CA.

Workshop Time: 9 AM to 3:30 PM
Workshop cost: $150 ($130 early bird registration)

To register online, click here.

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