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A Strategic Plan for Your Career

Do you have a strategic plan for your museum career?

Lots of museums have five or ten year strategic plans, but have you ever thought of doing one for yourself? At the very least, some goals and timeframes will help you aim for where you want to be.

Linda Norris, an independent museum consultant and author of The Uncataloged Museum blog, has a great post up about Charting a Course; figuring out your own personal strategic plan.


  1. Amanda, just found the blog thanks to Cynthia Robinson. Apropos of this post, I thought I’d share something the AASLH Professional Development Committee put together a year or so ago, for those breaking into a career in the history field.

    The resources are here: Please feel free to share with friends and colleagues.

  2. Bob, thanks so much for this comment! I’ll make sure that the Tufts readers are aware of that AASLH resource.

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