As a break from the other news that has been read, re-read, and read some more by those of us in Boston, here’s what happened in museums around the world this week.

  • Justin Bieber courts controversy after visiting Anne Frank museum and writing he hopes she ‘would have been a Belieber’
  • Netherlands’ national museum, the Rijksmuseum, opens to the public after a 10-year renovation
  • 9-11 Museum will charge admission after all. [editorial]
  • Abu Dhabi’s Louvre museum offers first peek at growing collection ahead of 2015 opening
  • MFA and arts organizations waive admission fee
  • Margaret Thatcher museum: Good way to spend $23 million?
  • MoMA vs. Folk Art Museum Inspires A Petition With A History Lesson: Don’t Forget Penn Station
  • San Francisco Museum Is Sued by Former Curator
  • U-M museum to display pieces in Google Art Project
  • Polish Museum Repairs a Tie to a Jewish Past

Much like Boston, we’ll be returning to business as usual with our Dispatches from the Mid-Atlantic and Science in Museum columns next week. We hope everyone is safe and well, and our thoughts are with those who were hurt, or whose friends and family were hurt in the events this week.