Welcome back!

Welcome back to a new year and a new semester! Hopefully you are rested and rejuvenated from the break, if you are a student.

We would just like to take this time to ask you to think of us this semester – if you have a great idea for a post, we would love to hear it! We would also like to post any papers you wrote in previous semesters, or new ones you write for the upcoming semester. We are happy to help edit or bounce around ideas.

If  you have an idea or piece of writing to share, please email us at tufts.museum.blog@gmail.com

Good luck this semester!

Colleen & Jess

Happy Holidays and End of the Semester!

Congratulations to all Tufts students and professors who have officially finished the Fall 2015 semester! If you are like me, you had final projects straight up until this week, and now you can finally relax with friends and family.

We would like to remind you to please keep checking back with the blog over break. We will continue posting job announcements, events, and regular posts from us and some special guest posters.

Finally, now that you might have a little extra time to mull over the work you have done this year, please keep us in mind. We would love to post some of the thoughts that you have had throughout the semester, and we are always happy to help edit or bounce ideas.

Jess and I want to wish a relaxing break to students, professors, and those of you using your precious vacation days (unless you are lucky enough to work in museums that close over the winter break!)

Safe travels and we wish you a healthy New Year.

Colleen & Jess

Survey Results

We are excited to share with you some results from our survey about your reading and viewing preferences! First, though, we want to thank you for taking the time to write down your comments, and for volunteering for guest posts. We should have some interesting posts coming your way soon!

Second, the survey is still open, and we are always checking it for updates so we can stay on top of what you deem important. So if you haven’t taken it yet and want to, or you just feel like changing an aspect of your response (since we know you have nothing better to do with your free time), feel free to follow this link.

Now, for results:

  • Many of you commented that you enjoyed the new layout of the blog. We’re still tweaking around with it, so if you have suggestions, let us know!
  • We got many comments on the helpfulness of the job postings. Since people are reading and noticing the job postings, if you have one you’d like posted on the blog, please email us at tufts.museum.blog@gmail.com
  • The majority of our readers access the blog through their computer browser (not the mobile site). We’re happy you want to view any way, but we’ve managed to make the mobile site more readable as well, if you want to check that out.
  • We had a lot of interest in posts about student led projects, which we were not expecting. Due to these responses, we’ve reached out to various classes in the Museum Studies program and hope to be bringing you posts from different classes. You’ll be able to read about students’ takes on issues in museums as well as get a sense of what different classes offer. We are also exploring the option of having professors or current students write reviews of their course so that you can see what a class might be like before you decide to take it (if you’re a student!). We’ll keep you updated on that front.
    Survey Graph 1
  • Some of you commented that the job postings can be confusing, if you don’t know where each museum is. Because of this, we’re more consistent about posting the city and state in the heading. We’re still working on a better way to coordinate the postings by region, so stay tuned!


Welcome New Museum Studies Students!

Last night was the orientation for the incoming Museum Studies students. Jess and I tagged along to meet them all and to talk about the blog, and we are so excited about the newcomers! There are a lot of intelligent, enthusiastic and passionate people coming in to the program. There is a wide variety of interests and experiences, which will lead to some captivating guest posts.

We heard from Cynthia Robinson, the director of the program, and many of the Tufts professors (most of whom are working in museums as their day job) about their plans for their courses. There have been some changes to the courses since last semester, so check them out here if you haven’t had a chance to take a look. It definitely made me wish I could take more than four courses a semester!

A portion of the new students listen to Cynthia Robinson, director of the program, as she discusses internship opportunities

A portion of the new students listen to Cynthia Robinson, director of the program, as she discusses internship opportunities

We wish everyone the best of luck with the new semester! We’re both here and available to talk about the blog, about Tufts, or about life in general. If you’d like to post something (or many things!) on the blog you can contact us at tufts.museum.blog@gmail.com – we’d love to hear from you! Remember that you can submit papers that you’ve written for class or reviews of museums that you are already going to in your free time.


Good luck this fall!

Colleen & Jess

New Co-Editors

It’s finally summer! The traditional academic year has finished, which means less papers, lots of summer internships, and – most importantly –  no more snow!!  We’d like to welcome all the new alumni, freshly admitted museum studies students, and the dedicated readers who have been with us here at the Museum Studies Blog all along. If you’ve been reading the blog recently, you know that our long-time contributor and editor, Tegan Kehoe, has graduated and is continuing her museum work at the Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of History and Innovation at MGH. We wish her the best of luck on her journey!

With that in mind, we, your new editors, would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about our plans for the blog.

About us

Meet Colleen

I am very excited to be touching the Washington Monument

I am very excited to be in such close proximity to the Washington Monument on my first trip to DC!

Hi, everyone! I’m very excited to be taking the helm of the blog with Jess.

A little about me: I’ve just completed my first year of the Museum Education Master’s program. Originally from the Midwest, I grew up in the Chicago area and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (what’s up, fellow Badgers?!). I lived in Madison for five years while studying secondary social studies education and trying my hand at teaching in a variety of communities .

Museum-wise, I am really into city museums, especially after working with the Chicago History Museum, as well as accessibility (in regards to both visitors and collections), visitor studies, and community engagement – although what museum educator isn’t into anything that includes the word “engagement?” Although history museums hold a special place in my heart, I am interested in the different ways in which education is viewed in all types of museums. Outside of museums, I am an avid reader, a history nerd, a runner, a baseball fan, and a pub-trivia-night enthusiast, among many other things.

Meet Jess

Returning Jumbo's ashes to the Sports Center after Jumbo: Marvel, Myth, and Mascot.

Happily returning Jumbo’s ashes to the Tisch Sports Center after Jumbo: Marvel, Myth, and Mascot.

Hi! Like Colleen, I’m excited to have inherited this blog from very capable predecessors! I’m really looking forward to continuing their project.

I recently finished my first year of the Art History and Museum Studies MA program. I came to Tufts right after completing my undergrad at Reed College in Portland, OR (good thing I grew up in Connecticut and can handle my snow!). Academically, I tend to focus on trauma theory and memory politics. In the museum world, this translates to working in collections management and the archives. I care about access, conservation/preservation, cataloging, and provenance. Given my background, I usually gravitate towards art and history museums, but am easily won over by the promise of a spectacle. Away from museums, I enjoy riding my bike, reading novels, and listening to NPR.

About our goals

Why are we telling you all of this? We’d like to be as transparent as possible as blog moderators and posters. By sharing our experiences and philosophies, we hope to allow all our readers to know where we are coming from when we write new posts. This way when you read a post, you can decide for yourself if what we’ve said rings true for you. We’re all about critical thinking and examining your sources here at Tufts! You can agree or disagree with us – we’d love to hear your opinions either way.

We have several personal goals for the blog, which we’d like to share with you in the interest of full disclosure. We would love to continue the community centered focus of the blog, and even increase it as a forum for discussion. We believe that the best ideas come from conversation with others, and our readership has such varied backgrounds, interests, and abilities, so we’re betting we will have very interesting discussions. (On a personal level, we also just really love seeing how each person can look at one topic or issue and see it in a completely different light.) Our goal is to provide a space for students and professionals to share their opinions, experiences, and ideas. Please do not hesitate to comment or share your thoughts, as long as we maintain our supportive atmosphere!

Along with discussion on current posts, audience input on future subjects and topics of discussion is an important goal of ours. This blog is intended to help museum studies students and museum professionals to stay connected and share ideas. If you have an idea for a type of post you want to write, a subject you want to read about more often, or even a blog or article you think we should check out, we would love to include your voice! You can check out the “About the Blog” section or just email us at tufts.museum.blog[at]gmail.com.


Finally, we would like to let you know that soon we will be emailing out a link through Angela Foss to a survey that we have created. The purpose is to help us evaluate the blog and to continue to serve our readership in the most effective way possible. We want to make sure that we are writing about the types of posts you are interested in, and on the subjects that you want to hear about. Please take a few moments to complete the survey when you get it – it will only serve to make the blog stronger!

Looking forward to exploring and discussing with all of you!

Colleen & Jess