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How Museums Respond

by editor Phillippa Pitts

Museums talk a lot about being members of their communities, meeting niche needs and providing unique third spaces. Today, some of the museums in Boston stepped up beautifully. Below is just a rough screen capture snapshot of how our community responded to the Marathon Monday bombings.

Starting with the Boston Children’s Museum fantastic and speedy response to their visitors’ needs:










Thoughts and comments on these responses are welcome below. Also if you have other screenshots from museums in Boston or around the country¬†email us¬†(tuftsmuseumblog AT and we’ll share them!


Emergency Preparedness Summit at NEMA 2011

Hot off the presses, and this sounds really interesting (though I have an admitted fascination with disaster preparedness).

As a recognized leader in the field of emergency preparedness for cultural institutions, the New England Museum Association and COSTEP-MA (Coordinated Statewide Emergency Preparedness for Massachusetts) invite you to a special ‘summit meeting’ of professionals from all over New England, both municipal and private, who are dedicated to increasing the awareness of and preparation for disaster response for cultural resources. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 15 from 1:00-3:30 p.m., in the Nathan Hale Room on the third floor of the Hartford Hilton, as a special session preceding the annual NEMA conference.

The meeting will consist of two sessions. The first session will be an opportunity for the leaders of the emergency preparedness community such as COSTEP- MA, the COSTEP initiatives begun in other states, and the Alliance for Response, to meet each other, compare notes, and discuss means and opportunities by which groups can share information and investigate potential collaborations. The group will also discuss how NEMA may best serve as a nexus of information before, during, and after a crisis. The second session, starting at 2:00 p.m., will be open to the entire attendance of the conference, allowing all interested parties to meet the people who can help to coordinate disaster response.

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