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Kids learning ASL

Check out this great video of a father teaching his son ASL.


Interview with Anna Witter Merithew on NPR

Check out this interview with Anna Witter Merithew on NPR about Lydia Callis, the interpreter for Mayor Bloomberg during Hurricane Sandy that got a ton of national coverage.


Here is what I had to say on Facebook about a skit on Chelsea Lately.

“I really appreciate that people think interpreting and ASL is neat, and I get that every group has to take some flack from comedians once in a while. I would also be remiss if I didn’t say something about this meme. Lydia Callis was doing nothing unusual. The facial expressions are a grammatical part of the language. If you didn’t use them you would be botching the language. This meme feels a little like walking into a restaurant and having everyone stare while you sign, but with a magnifying glass and slow motion capture. I think this video is pretty similar to blackface. You would never watch video of a person speaking Chinese, and make a video of yourself mimicking them in an exaggerated and stereotyped way and have people think its funny. It would clearly be racist and I think (hope) it would make people as uncomfortable as this video should. Somehow I don’t think that is the effect it is having.”


Fun Facts about Sign Language