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11 Pronunciation Errors in English

Impact versus Intent

This is a really excellent way of framing impact versus intent. It gets at the core of why some apologies for oppressive behavior just don’t work.



Reasons why ASL is not iconic

Non-signers can project completely silly meaning onto signs.


Embarrassing Hashtag…

Clearly not all people think like linguists. This article about the reaction to a Coke add that featured America the Beautiful sung in a variety of languages sums it up.

4th Grade Reading Level?

This is a really interesting discussion of the research that claims that deaf kids read at a 4th grade level.


Great info on harm reduction

Here is a great article about reducing the harm caused by language deprivation many deaf children experience.  I really like how they frame the problem in terms of the risk of zero-tolerance language policies, rather than advocating one approach or another. Deaf kids are suffering from a lack of language. The solution shouldn’t be a competition between sides. In the end, we all need to be working for the same thing.



This is the most adorable Koda

Deaf and Hearing culture

Here is a neat graphic outlining the differences between Deaf and Hearing culture. 44871_10151603019806944_1659063191_n

Great video of the ASL program in Early Childood Education at CSD!

Mapping the ASL Lexicon

Check out my latest project! I have been looking at lexical access in sign language, and have created a visualization of the ASL lexicon to help me do that.