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Password: educause

Session Description:

The use of mobile devices for teaching and learning in higher education is an area of rapid change. This interactive workshop will explore iPad initiatives related to teaching and learning in this fast-moving arena. Through short presentations, group brainstorming, and collaborative activities, participants will get a broad sense of iPad initiatives at a range of schools. They’ll also share what they’ve done at their schools and work on plans for future initiatives. Participants will leave the session with an awareness of the range of challenges associated with iPad initiatives, contacts at similar schools who have faced these challenges, lists of resources to use later for guidance and support moving forward, and an individualized plan for whether and how to approach leveraging iPads to improve teaching and learning in their own institutional context.


  • Welcome & opening exercise – what do you most want to get out of today, what do you bring to the table?
  • Summaries from each presenter about iPad initiatives + discussion.
  • Structured group work, gathering info from each other & applying what you’ve learned so far.
  • Review of Resources site (co-created by participants)
  • Wrap up, evaluation, departure

Detailed agenda with timeframes