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Selected (& anonymous) pre-session survey results.
Template for your individualized plan to use after this session.

Please post a reply with whatever info you are willing to share publicaly about yourself (this site is not password protected):

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  1. Peter Testori says:

    Looking forward to a great morning!

    Peter Testori
    Center for Online Learning
    Bay Path College

  2. Michael Dreimiller says:

    Instructional Digital Media Specialist at Connecticut College, Manager of the Digital Curriculum Center for faculty use

  3. We are launching aniPad initiative in our Fall 2013 incoming class in our traditional undergraduate program. Like Mass Bay, we have a Title III grant. Our iPad initiative is being funded by a student fee, not the grant, but the iPad initiative is nonetheless tightly interwoven with retention and course redesign aspects of the grant.

  4. Michael Dreimiller says:

    This is a blog by Fraser Speirs who manages a K-12 1:1 iPad deployment. He discusses the thought process behind their purchasing decisions, the technical hurdles that he deals with, and the benefits they’ve seen.

  5. Julie lirot says:

    Hi everyone. Interesting session already!

  6. Peter Testori says:

    A great resource from EdTechTeacher, connecting objectives to apps and tools:

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