Are You Ready for Job Search Season?

Net Impact’s MAP program helps you navigate your way to that ideal impact job or internship

by Kyle Skahill

Finding any job in the current economy can be tough, so it might seem impossible to find one that also fits your personal values. Even figuring out where to begin the search can be daunting; the route to an impact job is far less defined than the search for conventional roles. But what if you had a road map? Better still: what if you had a group of peers along for the journey, providing the support and camaraderie to keep you focused on your mission?

That’s where MAP (Make a Path), Net Impact’s newest career support program, comes in. Originally designed and tested with students in mind, it quickly became clear that every impact job seeker could benefit – so we’ve refined the program and piloted MAP to professionals. From honing in on your passions, to finding the specific role that speaks to you and marketing yourself to prospective employers, MAP helps empower members so they can navigate the job search together.

Giving job seekers the support – and accountability – they need

What’s so exciting about MAP is that it works: participants in our pilot program reported feeling less lost, isolated, and overwhelmed in their impact job searches.  More than 73% said they felt more confident they’d find a job aligned with their values, 80% felt more connected to the impact-oriented community, and 87% said participating in MAP increased their access to helpful tools and resources. “MAP really helped to bring my career search back to basics,” says Jonathan Ward, who participated in our pilot. “I learned a little more about what drives me professionally… what motivates us to work for good, and where we’d be the happiest and most successful. MAP helped me look at my job search with new eyes.”

The program’s strength lies in its design: small peer groups of five to fifteen conduct a series of workshops focusing on practical exercises and peer feedback (we provide customizable resources, ensuring you’re headed in the right direction and equipped with confidence).

Team | Group members develop a personal “elevator pitch,” listening to each other to get to know more about the group.
Target | The second workshop focuses on identifying key job and career paths, utilizing an exercise from career consultant Shannon Houde. Network | Participants learn about contacts available through your group, and network like a pro.
Brand | We all know that getting hired is about selling yourself, and the fourth workshop shows you how to do just that, ending with a self-authored outreach email ready to go for your targeted jobs.
Values |Tying it all together, your final workshop ensures you know how to maintain your values throughout your job search, even when other pressures might threaten your resolve.

Create your own MAP in time for the upcoming job search season

MAP starts March 1st, just in time for the busy springtime job and internship search season. Don’t miss this chance to help yourself, your friends and colleagues, and find the impact career you’ve always wanted.

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