Impact at Work!


There’s no shortage of ways to make a difference. But where do you start? What’s even outthere? And how do you know a field is right for you? Fear not: we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve conducted research, run it by the experts, and talked to the people doing the work on the ground. All you need to do is explore!

Community Development

Roll up your sleeves and empower people in the US to revitalize their communities through workforce, civic, and economic development.

Corporate Impact

Make change from within, regardless of your department or job title. Or take a holistic approach from a dedicated corporate citizenship department.


Discover a world beyond the classroom, where you can help bridge the access and equity gap among our nation’s students.

Energy & Clean Tech

In this wide-open field that’s growing rapidly, you don’t have to be a total technology nerd to thrive (but it helps!).

Environmental Sustainability
& Natural Resources

With a huge range of opportunities, you can address the many challenges posed by an ever-expanding world population and the demands it makes on our ecosystems.

Finance & Investing

Occupy Wall St. from the inside – and discover other ways to use the power of capital to create change.


Who says you have go to medical school to work in healthcare? Policy wonks, advocates, administrators, and more are all needed here.

International Development

Whether you’re talking about the bottom billion, the base of the pyramid, or underserved markets, global realities are rapidly shifting.

Nonprofit Management

This is impact work that builds a broad skill set, where you can make a living while making a difference.


The growth of online giving is shaking up the philanthropic world, and opening up a new realm of strategies and opportunities.

Social Entrepreneurship

Experience the thrills and chills of coming up with new solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. And believe it or not, you don’t have to be the head honcho to move the needle in this field.


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