Latest Scoop on New Entry

Speaking of local farming in the news, New Entry had a page in the Lowell Sun last Sunday! The article identified New Entry’s mission in bridging the gap that currently lies in creating a successful local food system here in Massachusetts. While there is much interest from consumers for local food, there aren’t enough people to produce it. New Entry seeks to help people interested in farming take the next step to learning about farming in this region, acquiring land, and selling their produce:
Back to the farm – By Kathleen Pierce,
DRACUT — Bent over in the hot morning sun, Seona Ngugor walks neat rows of kale behind Richardson’s Dairy. In workman’s boots and a flowing purple frock, the Cameroon native pulls stunning green leaves from the earth and dumps them in a wheelbarrow. View Full Story
Here is the sidebar article:
Renowned chef cooks straight from Dracut farm field – By Dennis Shaughnessey,
DRACUT — Down the long dirt road toward the rear of the White Gate Farm on Marsh Hill Road, the scent of fresh vegetables cooking on hot coals wafts through the air. Green onion, garlic chive, lemongrass and fuzzy melon are among the items being cooked. View Full Story
You can also read about Chef Jody’s afternoon at White Gate Farm on her blog. Needless to say, my mouth was watering by the end. I also appreciated her fresh perspective on the Project and awe for Mr. Kim and Recchat, two of the farmers who had completed the training program with New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.

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