Fall is arriving!

Rachel Baras wanted to share another blog post before returning to school to begin her senior year at Brookline High School:
Although Thanksgiving is still a while away, many of us here in Massachusetts are eagerly anticipating the New England autumn season. With the bounty of seasonal apples, pumpkins, and squashes, fall is surely a favorite time of year for our food-orientated minds. And even though we still have months until Turkey Day, many are already looking forward to turkey feasts.
As you all plan your Thanksgiving meals, give consideration to getting a locally-raised bird. In addition to the benefits of buying local food in general, locally-raised turkeys tend to have better flavor. Growing environments are more natural and humane, and breeding values quality over quantity of meat.
Admittedly, locally-grown turkeys are more expensive to buy. As many of you know, though, the price of local food is most often worth the extra expense; food is fresher and your money directly supports your local economy.
So for this upcoming Thanksgiving, consider buying a locally-raised turkey. Your stomach (and local community) will thank you!
For information on where to reserve a locally-raised bird, visit: http://www.mass.gov/agr/massgrown/turkey.htm
Note: Because of their high-quality value, these birds sell out quickly! Make sure to reserve your bird well in advance of Thanksgiving.

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