Fun at the 7th Annual Harvest Festival

Incessant rain and gloomy weather threatened to put a damper on the New Entry Harvest Festival last Sunday. Despite the less than optimal weather, people showed up prepared in raincoats and galoshes with smiling faces and arms full of food. Over 70 people from the community attended including New Entry farmers and their families, CSA members, and Tufts affiliates. We all had an excellent time.

The Festival featured a silent auction, food demo, games for the kiddies, farm tour, farmer’s market, hay ride and most importantly, food. The food! First, we had a great food demonstration by Steve Brogan, where he made a fantastic hot&sour soup made with World PEAS produce. Local restaurants donated food and farmers brought dishes to share, and the tables overflowed with the bounty. We had food from all over the world–stuffed cabbage, vegetarian lasagna, rice porridge, nom chok, eggrolls, bitter melon salad, heirloom tomato salad, chicken salad, cold squash soup, pasta, artisan bread and more. Don’t even get me started on the desserts!

The center of the festival featured a beautiful farmstand setup of World PEAS produce, displaying wonderful end-of-summer/fall goodies such as zucchini, eggplant, peppers, heirloom potatoes, winter squash, tomatoes, beautiful savoy cabbage, chard, and Mamadou’s handmade sourdoughs.

Next to the farmstand, a silent auction featured items such as dinner at Rialto, 5 yoga classes at O2 Yoga, gift certificate to Dave’s Fresh Pasta, Summer Shack, Etsogo, and Brew’d Awakening, Life Alive Urban Oasis, and the Richardson’s, as well as handmade soaps, and homemade salsas.

McKenzie, the Technical Assistance Coordinator led us on an informative, albeit mosquito-ridden tour of Richardsons. Do you know the difference between a hoop house and a greenhouse? A greenhouse circulates air, while a hoop house does not. She shared with us the New Entry farmers’ passion for growing using organic practices and the different innovative methods they were experimenting with. She loved how the farmers were not afraid to take risks, such as attempting to grow sugarcane (not successful) and maize (very successful).

I was very happy to see people sharing ideas, learning from each other, smiling, laughing, playing, eating, and making new friends. The New Entry harvest festival was a success and only so because of all the people who came together to make this happen.
A big, big THANK YOU to our donors:
Steve Brogan, Personal chef/caterer
Caroline Zuk, Saja Farm, Dracut
Tricia Schwartz, CSA Member
Mamadou Artisan Bakery, Winchester
Mariposa Bakery, Cambridge
Prose Restaurant, Arlington
UTEC, Lowell
Whole Foods, Fresh Pond
Silent Auction Donors:
Brew’d Awakening
City Feed and Supply
Dave’s Pasta
ETSOGO Restaurant
Life Alive Urban Oasis
O2 Yoga
Summer Shack
Thank you Richardsons Dairy for providing the space for the event!

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