New Entry Farmer, Seona Ban, Transitions to Independent Farm

Here is news first published in the New Entry Newsletter and re-broadcast for our internet community:
Farmer Seona Ban (New Entry class of 2006) recently joined New Entry’s ever-growing crop of independent farmers. After farming at the Richardson’s Dairy training site for three seasons, she has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with a local landowner – an important next step that enables her to continue to farm on land independent of New Entry’s incubator training sites.
The land owner is Don Couture, New Entry’s Farm Manager. Don Couture has worked for New Entry for two seasons, and during this time, has come to know Seona well. Don and his family live on 19.5 acres of property, which is located 4 miles from Richardson’s Dairy. Don has five tillable acres prepared, one of which will be farmed by Seona this season.
Seona is excited to continue her vegetable farming, and expand her corn production. She says that her new farm has fewer rocks, and is drier than her plot at Richardson’s Dairy. The recently signed agreement represents an important step for Seona’s business enterprise, as it represents a break from dependence on New Entry for farmland. However, this move does not translate to a departure from the New Entry community. Seona will continue to receive as-needed individual technical assistance from New Entry in her production and marketing operations as she farms and expands production on her new plot.
We wish many years of success to Seona on her new farm!

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