Celebrate Local Food on the 4th!

Harvest season has returned, and with that, so has New Entry Sustainable Farming Project’s blog! We have lots to tell you about what we’ve been doing and what we have planned, but for now – just a quick heads up about a great campaign happening in honor of the 4th of July:

wants you to help celebrate America’s sustainable food producers this weekend, by eating a locally-sourced holiday meal, or serving one at your backyard barbeque. Invite your friends and neighbors to join you, tell them about the great farmers’ market where you bought your lettuce, the friendly farmer who sold you the beef for your burgers, and encourage everyone you know to explore the benefits of sustainable agriculture.
And if you have some free time before the fireworks, sign FoodIndependenceDay.org’s petition, or send a letter to your local politicians telling them how important this issue is to you!
Have a safe and happy weekend!

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