Field Training Course Tackles Weeds

Spring and Summer Field Training Courses are underway! On Thursday, June 25th, a dozen or so of our New Entry farmers and other would-be farmers joined Mackenzie at Richardson’s Farm for a course in Weed Management. A bit of theory coupled with a lot of hands-on trial and error with farm equipment and tools made this two-hour session a great opportunity for students to first learn and then feel exactly what it’s like to remove those pesky weeds from a patch of earth. Stay tuned to our blog to see some photos from this and other trainings!
These sessions have been happening every other Thursday since late-March, and have included such essential farming skills as: Equipment Use and Maintenance, Pest Management, Irrigation Setup, and Record Keeping.
There are still two trainings left in the series: a Cover Cropping field trip, and a session on Soil Testing and Nutrient management. If you’d like to join us, or just want a bit more information, head to our website:

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