White House Garden Brings Local Agriculture to National Forefront

The importance of locally-grown produce is finally returning to the forefront of American consciousness, thanks in part to the new organic garden First Lady Michelle Obama has had planted at the White House. If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you already know about this garden, and are also well-aware of the benefits of sustainable agriculture. Still, I thought it would be nice to take a moment to acknowledge this action, which marks only the second time in history for such a feature to occupy the Presidential property – the first being Eleanor Roosevelt’s World War II victory garden.
The garden serves as both as a talking piece for the American public – with Obama admirers hopefully taking note of the First Lady’s decision, and starting to think about how they can incorporate gardening into their own lives – as well as an educational tool, as local schoolchildren helping to first dig and plant the garden, and are now returning to harvest the produce and learn about healthy eating by preparing the foods with the Obama’s chef in the White House kitchen.
In this era of industrial agriculture-induced environmental destruction, as well as nutrition-related chronic diseases that are ravaging the country, the First Lady should be commended for her efforts to illuminate how fresh produce, local agriculture, and organic practices are attainable means of working to combat these problems.
For more information about the White House garden, follow these links:
Happy Gardening!!

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