Reaching New Audiences With Distance Learning

By their nature, local food systems are contained by geography – but no one said that rule need apply to information! New Entry’s offices are located in Eastern Massachusetts, but soon beginning farmers all over the world will be able to access expert training from New Entry. Several interactive distance learning opportunities are in the works at New Entry, including an online version of the Farm Business Planning course and a series of video field trainings.
John Dorman, New Entry’s Digital Media Specialist, is tackling the video projects. As part of his work with Americorps/VISTA, John is focusing on helping New Entry reach more people and expand educational capacity. The distance learning projects fit that description to a T.
The online version of New Entry’s Farm Business Planning course will consist of 7-8 weeks of highly interactive 1 ½-hour classes. Paralleling the traditional six-week course held twice every year in Lowell, the online course will include everything from ‘talking’ (and subtitled) PowerPoint presentations, dynamic spreadsheets, written input from students during the class, and live discussion sessions.
The distance learning package will also include video field trainings, free for any graduate of the traditional or online Farm Business Planning course. The first two video trainings – on irrigation and equipment – are nearing completion.
Stay tuned for more information on distance learning opportunities through New Entry.

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