Mobile poultry processing has legs

“You want to do WHAT?”
That’s a common response when one starts explaining the merits of using a mobile poultry processing unit (MPPU). And at first blush, the notion of a roving chicken processing facility does sound a bit unusual. Yet one is already up and running in Massachusetts, owned by the New England Small Farm Institute and co-managed by New Entry, and a surge in enthusiasm from small poultry producers is lending credence to NESFI and New Entry’s ongoing efforts to build a second unit.
On Jan. 28, part one of the MPPU training program for 2010 drew over 40 interested producers. A number of state regulators, some of whom gave presentations during the workshop, participated as well.
Massachusetts Commissioner of Agriculture Scott Soares kicked off the event. Other speakers included Dr. George Sapperstein of the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine (which hosted the event); Kim Foley of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health; Catherine Skiba and Sumner Martinson of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection; Ed Hageman of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources; and New Entry’s own Jennifer Hashley and Sam Anderson.
The workshop focused on the regulatory and licensing requirements for renting an MPPU in Massachusetts, as well as rental policies, scheduling, and feasibility for producers. The entire workshop will be available online for free next week.
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Stay tuned as this project progresses – we’ll keep you posted!

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