The Beef Cattle School in Pictures

Our final livestock field school of the year was the Beef Cattle School, and we finished strong, with over 40 participants and a big-name speaker, Dr. Robert Smith, who came all the way from Oklahoma. So, on to the pictures:

Like most of our livestock schools, there was a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning. In the morning, participants split into groups and moved between three stations. Here we see Katlyn Tice, resident cattle whiz at the vet school, showing a group what to look for in a heifer.

At another station, Dr. Smith showed us how to work with a cow in the chute.

And at the third station, Kevin Woolam from Central Connecticut Co-op Feeds talked about nutrition and feed options.

After lunch, the vet school’s Scott Brundage walked us through the joys of calving.

Did I mention it was a hands-on workshop?

That wraps it up for this year’s livestock schools … but we have big plans for next year, so stay tuned! If you have any questions, suggestions, or other thoughts about our livestock events – and especially if you are considering raising some livestock of your own or are just getting started – send me (Sam) an email at Also, if you’re one of those hip tech-savvy types, you can watch me flounder about in the Twittersphere at Thanks for checking in, and maybe we’ll see you next year!

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