The New MPPU: It’s Real!

Yeah, yeah, so this blog has been stuck on chickens lately. I promise to move on in the next post, but first, exciting news: our second mobile poultry processing unit is almost done! The final details are being worked out right now. To prove it really does exist, here are some pictures I took when I visited the unit during construction late last year. The unit has come a long way from what you see in these pictures, but this should give you an idea of what we’re working with:

It’s pretty big.

Here’s where the birds are loaded in.

This is the fancy new plucker, complete with a kickout door. This means that when the birds are done, they automatically shoot into the next room. Pretty spiff, right?

Here’s the new scalder. If you’re familiar with the old scalder, you’ll be glad to know that this one heats the water up less than half the time. It also requires less water. And it’s not as small as it looks here.
Stay tuned – before too long it should be arriving in Massachusetts! In the meantime, we’ll take a hiatus from chicken-oriented posts.

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