Things have been happening out at the farms – fields plowed, crops planted, a new hoophouse skinned – but none quite as adorable as the newest tenants at Ogonowski Memorial Fields: our chickens! At just under two and three weeks, our two batches of chickens are still in their cute phase. Enjoy them now – and, if you’re one of the many people who has been wondering where you can find local, pasture-raised chicken, email if you’re interested in buying the finished product later this year. You can also click here to participate in the remaining poultry workshops.
Without further ado, here they are:

Here they are shortly after first arriving.

These chicks, an Italian red broiler strain (“redbros” for short), came a week ahead of the faster-growing Cornish Cross chicks.

We kept them separate for a couple of days so the Cornish Cross could get adjusted. Both batches will finish at the same time, on July 11 – 8 weeks for the Cornish, 9 weeks for the redbros.

The two breeds get along famously, at least for chickens, and it didn’t take them long to spread out and make use of their expanded brooder. This is about how they looked when we held our Brooding Workshop on May 24.
And now a few of the greatest hits, adorableness-wise:

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