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Fun at the 7th Annual Harvest Festival

Incessant rain and gloomy weather threatened to put a damper on the New Entry Harvest Festival last Sunday. Despite the less than optimal weather, people showed up prepared in raincoats and galoshes with smiling faces and arms full of food. … Continue reading

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Meet Marek, a New Entry farmer

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of doing a short interview with Marek at the Lowell Farmer’s Market. A 2008 New Entry Program graduate, Marek has a small production on a quarter acre of land, fondly known as … Continue reading

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Seeking Volunteers for Fall Harvest Festival Prep

I’m forwarding a message I received regarding the Harvest Festival: “We are currently looking for volunteers to help with: • fall clean up at training farms throughout September (Fridays only) • the 7th Annual Fall Harvest Festival, to be held … Continue reading

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Fall is arriving!

Rachel Baras wanted to share another blog post before returning to school to begin her senior year at Brookline High School: Although Thanksgiving is still a while away, many of us here in Massachusetts are eagerly anticipating the New England … Continue reading

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The Mighty Eggplant

I love how the same food cooked in different ways can transport us to different parts around the world. The simple, beautiful eggplant can be featured in Italian caponata, French ratatouille, Mediterranean baba ganoush, or in this Indian dish I … Continue reading

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Can Sustainable Farming Provide Sustainable Incomes?

New Entry Intern, Rachel Baras has contributed another item for discussion as she wonders what it would take for the small farmer to become economically sustainable: Most of us reading this blog would have to agree that small-scale farmers deserve … Continue reading

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Try This Refreshing Summer Vegetable

If you didn’t already know, the Lowell Farmer’s Market features four New Entry Farmers. I like to hang out and learn about the different ethnic produce grown, harvested, and sold by them. Not only do they get customers who are … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want Summer to End

My summer is over. Labor day is right around the corner, meaning that all across the country parents of school-aged children are stocking up on school supplies, college students are gearing up for the new academic year, and I have … Continue reading

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Article in the Boston Globe

Hello friends, There was a great article in the Boston Globe yesterday discussing how immigrant farmers have been able to take their training from the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project to grow crops from their native countries and find a … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the 2008 Food, Conservation, and Energy Act

I’m pleased to share with you a guest post from another intern here at New Entry. A senior at Brookline High School, Rachel Baras heads the hunger committee for SAJE — Student Action for Justice and Education. And as an … Continue reading

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