Student Displays in Library During Reading Period

We’ll have 3 student displays around Tisch this week, providing some nice distraction when you’re in need of a break from studying. Read secrets from around campus, learn about institutionalized racism and feminism, and help put together a puzzle. Engage a different area of your brain, and it’ll serve your final studying well.

  • SPEAC‘s education station off the lobby provides a map of feminist hot spots around campus, gives a quick run down of feminism as well as institutionalized racism, and lets you leave messages and take articles to read for later.
  • Active Minds is displaying secrets they’ve been collecting over the past couple of weeks. This Tufts-centric PostSecret will be in the hallway before the Tower cafe.
  • The Tufts Education society has a puzzle to put together. It’s a community puzzle, so stroll by and fit a few pieces together, once it’s up on Wednesday. The puzzle will also be in the hallway before the Tower cafe.