Drone Dialogue

postcards from students in PakistanOn June 17, 2004, a missile ripped through a small town in Pakistan marking the beginning of American drone warfare in the region. An exhibit of postcards and letters written by students in Pakistan and at Tufts regarding the use of these drones will be on display in the Tower Art Gallery through October 31st.

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Savvy Researcher makes research easier!

Tisch announces its newly expanded workshop series, The Savvy Researcher, open to anyone. Topics range from documenting sources in your thesis to copyright in the Internet age to effective use of Google Scholar to choosing the right citation tool to finding and managing data and much more!

Registration: tinyurl.com/tischworkshops
Class details:www.library.tufts.edu/tisch/ra/class_descriptions.htm

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Thesis research got you down?

Jumpstart it with Research for Success: Using the Library for Thesis and Capstone Projects (EXP 19). This class introduces you to major research tools and techniques at an intermediate-to-advanced level, specific to your subject area. This 1/2-credit evening class runs for 8 weeks, beginning Wednesday, Sept 11, 5-7:30pm.

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Database Multisearch Being Retired: Friday, June 28, 2013

On Friday, June 28, Database Multisearch will no longer be available. Later this summer the Tufts Libraries will introduce a new service that will permit searching and retrieval of multiple resources in a more streamlined and sophisticated manner.
Until the new service is available, please continue to consult with us, as well as the Database Finder, to identify appropriate resources.

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Tisch Graduate Research Fellowships Awarded

Caitlin Costello, MA candidate in Art History, will be a fellow at Tisch Library this summer as she re-stages, through animation, a 17th Century painting, “The Carousel at Palazzo Barberini in Honor of Christina of Sweden.”

Molly Hildebrand, PhD candidate in English, will study early 20th Century American women writers’ use of tropes from the visual arts to challenge predominant ideas of race, class, and gender.

Image from telegraph.co.uk

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