Summer 2017

Make a Connection

A message from the president of the Friedman School Alumni Association.

On behalf of the Friedman School Alumni Association, I would like to welcome our newest members, the graduates of the Class of 2017. Though most of you were students for only a few years, you are members of the alumni association for life.

I am passionate about the Friedman School, just like my predecessor, Andrew Shao, N96, N00. I look back on Andrew’s time as president of our alumni association with tremendous pride. This year, 22 alumni participated in our annual D.C. Alumni/Student Networking Trip, a program that Andrew developed. We also have Andrew to thank for leading the Executive Council in the revision of its mission and committee structure, including the formation of a new standing committee dedicated to council communications.

Our semester kickoff event held in January brought together more than 70 alumni and students for an evening of networking in the Back Bay. The volunteer-led Mentoring Program matched 13 students with alumni mentors, exemplifying the collaborative relationship among Friedman alumni, students and faculty. During the student trip in March, more than 50 alumni and students gathered for our Washington, D.C., Chapter Networking Reception. The Friedman School All-Alumni Reunion and Awards Ceremony held in April celebrated the careers of three notable alumni: Danielle Nierenberg, N01; Miriam Nelson PhD, N85, N87; and Molly Uebele, N12. All of the recipients highlighted how the Friedman School was integral to their success.

I am excited to begin my term as president of the Executive Council, the alumni association’s leadership team. As alumni, we have a responsibility to build, maintain and promote the school’s reputation. If you would like to become more involved as a mentor or Executive Council member, or have suggestions regarding alumni programming, please contact me at I look forward to seeing you at alumni association events and programs.


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