Winter 2015


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Toxic Crops

In developing countries, a food contaminant may be stunting children’s growth

Why So Good?

The science behind yogurt's aura of health

Finding the Next Famine

Christopher Hillbruner, N07, and his team help predict the world’s coming food crises

Move It or Lose It

For adults over 70, simple exercises are good for health, mobility and mood

For a Longer Life, Add Less Salt

Study finds too much sodium a worldwide killer 

A Farmer’s Double Life

Raising crops isn’t always lucrative, but maybe that’s OK

Sharing a Burden in Ethiopia

Men pitch in to help with water-fetching duties

Enlightened Palate

Eat the whole farm, advises one of America’s top chefs

A Reason to be Choosy about Fat

Diet may exacerbate genetic obesity risk

Science That Takes the Long View

Carlota Dao, N10, N13, is on the trail of obesity and its costs to good health

Thwarted Strength

Tiny molecule appears to impede older people's ability to build new muscle tissue

The Dope on Dopamine

And why it makes it hard to diet

First, Do No Harm

Linda Cole’s rules for international development

Statin Status

Diet may affect how well these drugs do their job

Real-World Science

The Tufts Institute for Innovation crosses disciplines to take on global problems

Lutein? Smart Move

Kale, collards and spinach may improve cognitive functioning

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Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


Home-Packed Lunches Fall Short

New study finds those brown bags are usually strong on snacks and weak on nutrition 

After Pediatric Cancer

Survivors face yet another battle: obesity

The Price Should Be Right

On taxing the rich (foods, that is) to subsidize the healthful

This Is Nutrition’s Time

A message from the dean of the Friedman School

Fight Epidemics with Food

A message from the director of the HNRCA

Urban Bounty

How green does this indoor garden grow

Sustainable Investing

New university fund gives donors an option for endowment giving

Run, Micah, Run

On the cover of Runner's World magazine