Winter 2016


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Pass It On

What mothers (and fathers) eat can affect the lifetime health of their children

Feast for the Eyes

Simple design tricks make healthy snacks as appealing as junk food

Rude Awakening

Cutting back on sleep can pack on the pounds. The question is, why?

Tufts Nutrition Top 10

Overlooked veggies that are surprisingly good for you

Sipping Toward Disaster

Soda and other sugary drinks are even worse for us than we thought. Can we kick the habit?

What Telomeres Tell Us

These DNA defenders are signals of longer life

Researchers Build a School

Nutrition study leads to an unexpected mission: fortifying young minds

Overweight and Healthy

Some obese people show little evidence of diseases linked to unhealthy diets

Obesity and Colorectal Cancer

Certain gut bacteria could affect the chances of developing the disease

Exercising for Brain Health

Study finds that physical activity doesn’t necessarily improve cognitive function as we age

Refugee Champion

A White House honor for helping the persecuted

Visionary Work

Cells from dental pulp could be used to treat sight-stealing macular degeneration

The Right Balance

Gift supports research on nutrition, aging, inflammation and chronic disease

Pros and Cons of Life Near the Big City

Urbanization affects the health of farm families

Together We Lose

Healthy living initiative that targets kids helps their parents, too

Meditation in Motion

Promoting physical activity in older adults

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Start Me Up

Branchfood founder helps entrepreneurs find their way

Do Your Knees Need D?

Vitamin may protect your joints from arthritis

Food Inside Out

Who measures all those nutrients in what we eat, anyway?

Trusted Science, Real Impact

A message from the dean of the Friedman School

Sharing the Knowledge

A message from the director of the HNRCA

It Starts with a Plan 

A message from your alumni association president