Winter 2019

Meet Carole Palmer, G69

We sit down with the Friedman School planned-giving chair for Brighter World: The Campaign for Tufts.

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Photo: Alonso Nichols

Why do you support the Friedman School?
As head of the master’s degree component of the Combined Dietetic Internship/Master’s Program (a joint program with Tufts Medical Center and the Friedman School), I am well aware of how important the school is to the vitality and excellence of our program. When I was a student in the program, the Friedman School did not exist. We had to go to Medford for classes and received our master’s degrees from the School of Arts and Sciences. Today, our students are lucky to be able to study primarily at the Friedman School on the Boston campus with a diverse group of classmates in an environment of excellence, collegiality, and expertise.

What inspired you to be a campaign committee member?
My education and training here provided the foundation for a long and rewarding career at Tufts. This year marks my 50th year on the faculty. I had to pay my own way for my master’s degree and was grateful for the scholarship money I received, which significantly lowered my debt.

Why is planned giving important to Tufts?
Until working on this campaign, I never realized that the university benefits from knowing how many financial supporters it has, even if it does not receive the benefits immediately. The university does long-range planning based partly upon knowing what funding donors have earmarked. If everyone makes even small bequests, it adds up, and gives the school the foundation to build ever-stronger programs.

How can alumni and friends have an impact on Tufts and nutrition worldwide through planned giving?
Today, the high costs of providing our programs means that students often graduate with higher debt than I had to shoulder. This is a significant burden and often results in highly qualified students being priced out of our program. As a student, I was grateful for my scholarship grant, but didn’t think much more about it. Today, I realize how scholarship backing helps ensure that the best students—not just the wealthiest ones—matriculate and go out to make a difference through their work.

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