Winter 2019

The Power of Our Faculty

A message from the dean of the Friedman School.

Extraordinary faculty are the bedrock of the Friedman School. Recruited from across the globe, they represent the very best in their fields. They are passionate thinkers, creators, and innovators committed to research, education, and public service that improve the lives of people and our planet.

Attracting and retaining world-class faculty requires substantial effort and investment. Since I have been dean, we have recruited spectacular professors. These include Greg Gottlieb, a leader of USAID’s responses to humanitarian crisis and now director of the Feinstein International Center; Norbert Wilson, an economist inspired to understand the barriers and opportunities for healthier food choices among low-income and minority populations; Jerry Mande, an expert with decades of policy experience in Congress, the White House, the FDA, and the USDA who directs our Food is Medicine advocacy and public-impact efforts; and Corby Kummer, a five-time James Beard Journalism awardee, senior editor at The Atlantic, columnist at The New Republic, and NPR commentator who is strengthening our educational programs in nutrition and food-policy communication and developing our school’s Trusted Voice initiative.

Other spectacular faculty recruited during my tenure include Elena Naumova, Renata Micha, Gita Singh, Erin Hennessey, and Dan Hatfield, who are enriching the school’s teaching, research, and translation across diverse areas from spatio-temporal data science, food-policy impacts and cost-effectiveness, social and economic drivers of global dietary inequities, and on-the-ground interventions in at-risk communities to promote nutrition and well-being. Most recently, we welcomed Nicole Tichenor Blackstone to the Division of Agriculture, Food and Environment, where she will extend her teaching and scholarship in the environmental and human costs of food waste and relevant policy solutions.

The work of these and other faculty members reverberates through the lives of our students and into the world. This year, Tufts University is recognizing the value of recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty through a Professorship Partnership Challenge, available through June 30, 2019. This challenge allows supporters to endow a full or junior career professorship for a star faculty member, with Tufts contributing 40 percent of the gift as a match. These endowed professorships are a highly prized and prestigious career distinction, demonstrating our commitment to our faculty and their teaching and research.

Friedman School faculty make profound discoveries, catalyze change in the world, and nurture and inspire the next generation of leaders. I hope you also will be inspired to help us honor them. The lives they transform will be a direct result of you and your legacy.

Dariush Mozaffarian, M.D., Dr.P.H.

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