Another successful training!

Dr. Inga Sidor (in blue) orients the participants.


On March 26, over a dozen wildlife professionals gathered at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine to learn the basics of wildlife necropsy, sampling, and disease surveillance. This was the second training in a month, and was an equal success! Participants got the opportunity to dissect and examine a variety of Northeastern species, from fox and coyote to great horned owl and wild turkey. NWDC pathologists were on hand to aid the biologists in their very hands on endeavors, and it appears clear that a good (and educational) time was had by all.

Our thanks goes out, once again, to Safari Club’s Connecticut Chapter and their New England Foundation for generously funding these workshops. We’re laying the groundwork for biologists to feel confident and empowered to initiate disease investigations in collaboration with NWDC’s scientists and veterinarians!

The definition of hands on: a participant dissects a coyote.

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