• All Package revised – New Style for Folder Management
  • Input & Output Folders created. main.cpp controls input output
  • cleanup.sh Function added – Cleans Output Folder
  • main.cpp revised
  • Comments included on all Classes and Libraries
  • Uploaded to GitHub


  • ANA_CCNuPionInc Revised Completely
    • All Unnecessary functions moved to another class HEP_Misc
    • Histogram and Variable Initialization implemented
    • Main Directory changed to Classes/ANA_CCNuPionInc
  • HEP_Misc: New Class
    • Includes Miscellaneous Functions required in the analysis
  • Plotter: No Major Change


  • Folder_List: New Library
    • Includes Folder Locations
    • main.cpp uses this library to form INPUT and OUTPUT strings
  • BIN_List: No Major Change
  • PDG_List: No Major Change

UROC Update: emaher_20140127

  • Emily Maher removed some plots from GMBrowser by editing nearline.cfg under gmbrowser/
  • Edited ControlRoomTools.tag inside UROC_sw_manager.py
  • One problem raised due to not having the HEAD version in local area.
  • I solved the problem with the following procedure:
  1. Update package to HEAD version
    • cvs update -A
  2. Tag complete package
    • cvs tag –F emaher_20140127

RunControl.py Won’t Update

  • Prof. Gallagher on shift reported that RunControl stucked and won’t update on a particular run/subrun
  • Reason: No Triggers due to there is no beam
  • Follow these steps to solve trigger problem:
  1. If there is no beam for a long time
  2. Call Expert shifter and report that there is no triggers for a long time and the RunControl stop updating
  3. Expert Shifter should give permission to change the RunControl Configuration to “Light Injection” rather than “Beam Settings”
  4. This will solve the Run Control update problem
  • Always check the BGB or IFBEAM Data Server for last trigger time.
  • Always contact to expert shifter for his/her permission